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Relaxation Massage                                                                                            

Relaxation sessions involve various light to medium touch techniques such as Swedish massage to help increase circulation and reduce stress. Your therapist will discuss specific areas of focus with you.

$55 / 30 minutes

$95 / 60 minutes

Deep Tissue Massage                                                                                      

A full body deep tissue massage provides more extensive muscle and connective tissue therapy and can be customized to focus on particular areas of need.

$59 / 30 minutes

$99 / 60 minutes

Two Hour Couples Massage

Scheduled with one therapist, our Couples Massage should last just over 2 hours. This is a perfect opportunity to soak in your double whirlpool tub while your companion enjoys a massage. This is sure to be the highlight of your trip, and a great way to pamper yourself on a special occasion.

$179 / 120 minutes

Advance appointment is highly recommended, as our massage therapists’ schedules fill quickly. Therapist fees are billed directly to your room. Gratuity is left to your discretion. Payment for massage is due at time of massage confirmation. Cancellations made 48 hours or more prior to scheduled massage appointment may be changed or cancelled with no penalty. Cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled massage appointment are non-refundable.

Email us to request in-room treatment during your stay. We will contact you shortly to confirm availability of your requested treatment, date, and time.

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In-Room Massage

Our therapist will perform your treatment from the comfort of your guest room. Please confirm at the time of booking that you would prefer this option to The Spa Room. Not all guest rooms are compatible with In-Room Couples Massage; please inquire at the time of your booking.

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Spa Specials

Health & Wellness FREE One Hour Aveda Massage
At The Spa Room we focus on the total well-being of our guests using only the highest grade natural products found in the Aveda product line.  Total well-being also includes your inner health, what you put into your body, which can transform you from the ground up.  With our free relaxed and informative consultation, learn how you can receive your FREE Aveda Spa experience and transform your body whether it be weightloss, energy, youthful aging, or performance using the healthiest products on the market for your most important asset, your body. 

Complimentary 10% OFF any AVEDA retail purchase at The Spa Room with any treatment booked.

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Shop AVEDA here and receive $10 towards your next stay with us!

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SeneGence Cosmetics

Smudge-Proof Water-Proof Transfer-Proof Budge-Proof Anti-Aging Cosmetics

SeneGence® takes unique products formulations to a new level with their revolutionary lines of skin care and cosmetics, based on the SenePlex® anti-aging complex of ingredients and the latest in technologies.
SeneGence® Product Formulations:

No Animal Testing (We test on us!)
No animal by-products (We use alternative sources)
Use of naturally reoccurring natural ingredients
All products formulated with FDA approved ingredients
Made in ‘Pharmaceutical Grade’ rated manufacturing facility
Made in the United States for stringent quality control
Gluten and GMO free (most products)
LipSense® contains NO WAX & NO LEAD
Products that help rather than harm your skin. Products that are tested for results.
100% satisfaction guarantee!


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Red Aspen Lashes

Luxury Lashes and Everyday Wear

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We’re often asked what makes Red Aspen lashes so special and sets them apart from other brands. There’s not just one thing that makes our lashes so amazing, there are like a million things.

When you pick up a pair of lashes at the drugstore you’re only going to be able to wear them once. With proper care, our lashes can be worn multiple times.

The band on Red Aspen lashes is made of flexible cotton, so they are comfortable enough for all day wear.

Our lashes are cruelty free.

The quality of our lashes is unparalleled. Everything from the luxe lash fibers to the flexible band are ultra premium.

Red Aspen’s lash selection can enhance and support whatever makeup look you want to achieve. Simple and sophisticated? Night out on the town? Somewhere in between? We’ve got you covered.   



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